• Supporting HMS Unicorn

    Supporting HMS Unicorn

    How you can help us to sustain the ship

Becoming a Patron

Join as a Patron today and help us care for a historically significant heritage asset, HMS Unicorn and the remarkable objects she hosts and to share their stories with the world. Our Museum was founded by people whose vision was to inspire us all using remarkable collections to share Scottish naval and maritime stories with the world.

Our Patrons are vital to realising that founding vision. Their support helps us care for and conserve our collections, enrich our understanding of each item and its importance, and share our objects and discoveries with more people than ever before.

As a patron, your contribution will support vital historical research and conservation work, ensuring HMS Unicorn will be enjoyed by many generations to come. Our Patrons are fundamental in helping HMS Unicorn become recognised as an important work of art and in illuminating her ties to local and national maritime history. Help us ensure this irreplaceable treasure is given the homage she deserves and continues to inspire all to celebrate her history.

Patrons enjoy a range of exclusive benefits including:

  • Free access to our major exhibitions;
  • Invitations to talks, lectures and special events throughout the year;
  • Exclusive behind the scenes access through four Patrons events a year.

What our Patrons say:

“The work done by the Unicorn Preservation Society is life enhancing. So many children benefit from school visits, and adults too encounter something new and fascinating each time they come through the doors.

Join as a Patron today and be part of the story.

Taking a "Stewart" patronage starts at £1,000* per annum.  A "Dalhousie" patronage starts at £5,000** per annum.  Patronage can also be paid in monthly Direct Debit instalments, and can be made as a gift on behalf of someone else.

* Benefits value £100, suggested annual donation £900+

** Benefits value £300, suggested annual donation £4,700+

Patronage consists of two parts: a fee that covers the taxable benefits package, and a suggested annual donation to support the work of the Unicorn Preservation Society. The donation portion is a suggested donation to which Gift Aid provisions apply, but you may purchase the benefits package separately without making any further donation. Minimum payments include VAT at the standard rate. 

How to become a Patron

To become a Patron of the Unicorn Preservation Society please contact Finlay Raffle on 01382 200 900or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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